Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Tuesday 30th: Dreams do come true

Anne, Lee, Stephanie, Susan met with Sylvie at her amusement park. The facility, which was still under construction when we last visited is complete and includes a hall, restaurant, fountains, magnificent formal gardens, children rides, bar, and gift shop. Still in her plans is a hotel and children center for babysitting.

Sylvie’s business is increasing in bookings for conferences and parties. Her branding, Bambino Super City, is not in line with this target audience, but rather with her original idea of serving as an amusement park. Anne gave her tactical advice on increasing her customer base, branding, PR and advertising, which we are sure we will be busy helping her implement on our return. The staff and customer service training we are developing will be of value for her as well as all of our associates. The issue is that they need it now; so we will implement a plan to close the gap until the next mission.

We also discussed the potential for cross marketing and introducing products made by other associates in her gift shop. She especially liked the idea of promoting entertainment and themed evenings, such as Country Music Night (big in Rwanda), Blues Night (yes they love B.B. King, Eric Clapton and Muddy Waters), Reggae (Bob Marley is a God here) and of course Inozzi Dancers and Drumming (hope to have some at our debrief meeting in NYC).

Hospitality - Rwanda Associate Style
We also toured the kitchen, where luncheon preparations were in progress. Fresh vegetables are grown on the premises and everything we sampled tasted great.

Later in the day, the mission team and most of our associates enjoyed a banquet at the terrace restaurant. During our meal, we all conveyed our gratitude and thoughts on the work Bpeace is doing in Rwanda. Sylvie remarked on how we have all bonded as a team. Leiny noted that Bpeace was not about handing out money but importantly knowledge. Speciose David announced he will be joining the Rwanda team, a most welcomed addition.

More of the team head home
Some last minute shopping and packing and we all rushed off to the airport where we were greeted by Languida, Peggy, Pierrette and Monique who came to see Marla, Barbara, Sabra and Stephanie off. We have had a successful mission but it’s not over yet. Lee and Anne are staying until Saturday and will be continuing consult with our associates.

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