Saturday, January 20, 2007


Live from Kigali... its Saturday Night !

The whole gang at Kigali airport

Marla and Richard getting down to business

Starting 20 or so hours earlier, half the Rwanda Mission team, Marla, Anne, Barbara and Lee initially assembled at JFK. Fresh from a meeting with Candace Matthews, President of SoftSheen Carson, and Bpeacer Binta Niambi Brown, Marla and Anne arrived with Dark and Lovely samples for our Rwandan associate salon owners and a plethora of training materials, supplies and gifts for our associates in Rwanda. Miraculously, everything fit into the extra suitcase Lee had brought.

En route to Brussels they would be joined by Sabra, Wendy and Stephanie to continue on to Kigali where they would meet up with Pat. Arriving to heavy rains in Kigali, the first seven of our eight team members were greeted warmly by associates Languida and Jeanne (with their husband and son, respectively); Richard (Bpeace Program Manager), Geofrey (Rwanda Knits Program Manager), and John and Gilbert – who will be our drivers and guides in the coming days. What a wonderful feeling to be greeted by familiar warm and friendly faces after so many hours in transit.

Be sure to tune in daily to stay on top of our jam packed agenda.

Glad you arrived safely and look none the worse for the trip. It's C-o-l-d here in NYC. Brrrr. Hope the rains ease and you can enjoy the sun.

Hi you guys!
So great to see that you have arrived! I'm especially excited that my fellow Californian and good friend Barbara is on her first Bpeace mission. I'll be paying close attention to the mission as it unfolds. Thanks for doing this great work.
What a heartwarming photo of you all in Kigali surrounded by our Rwandan family. I know you have lots to do and you're the right team to do it all! Love to all, Golde. PS - Toni it's 3:04 in the morning, go to sleep!
We'll be sending good thoughts your way and applauding your progress. Be safe.
So glad you all arrived safely...and you "Look Maarvelous Darlings"...can't wait to follow your travels and sure wish I was with you all...please give Emerita a big hug for me.
Kate M
Hey there. Well you all looked well rested...ready for those 15 hour days and meetings on the deck when the rain stops. Say hello to everyone, especially Richard, "hey Richard", keep track of the hawks on the roof, enjoy the great coffee (you will need it to rev up), take lots of pictures Lee and most important send lots of good fortune and hugs to everyone, and have dinner in the trees fort. loretta
It is so wonderful to see how the work we did in the first missions is being built on by such a dedicated team with huge value to add! I look forward to following your accomplishments on the blog and send you my warmest wishes for success.
Very glad to see you arrived safely; quick note, Marla and Anne brought with them Dark & Lovely and Optimum hair care products....while Dark & Lovely has already been quite popular in Rwanda--Optimum is another SoftSheen product, which we should be proud to introduce to our Rwandan colleagues (thanks to Candace Matthews, of course). Best wishes for a successful and productive trip!
Sorry about that, I forgot to switch my screen name back to Binta Brown (I guess you can tell what else I've been doing this morning)....the person identified as Barnard, is actually me, Binta! OOOPSS!!!!
Glad to learn you made it safely! Am looking forward to reading all you're doing. My best to our Rwandan associates.
Great photo, waiting for more. You're not missing anything here, only a football game ... (why is everyone so excited?)
Yay!! Glad to see all is well. Wendy...Sorry I didn't get a chance to email you before you left. All of you are in my thoughts everyday. Much happiness on your journey.

Glad everyone arrived safely! Hi, Mom!(Sabra)...have fun! What a wonderful experience! It's only 20 degrees here in NY LOL
Hi Anne and everyone.
Glad you all arrived safely.
Anne Thank you for the birthday wishes and piano man. I miss you already. The children send their love. All my love too. Janine
Best of luck to you all and a very large, heart-felt THANK YOU for the work you are doing in Rwanda. My thoughts are with you...hopefully next time, I'll be with you!
The pictures are wonderful to share. You're in my thoughts and prayers as the work moves forward!

gramma, i want say that i hope you have a very good time and you have very great times there and i hope you get everyone the stuff that they need. and we hope you get everyone the things that they wanted. then if they don't have a tree, you'll have to go buy them. and that's it.

and i really hope that you have a really great time there and i don't know when you're coming back, so just tell us when.

if they have a toaster, just buy them.

love you, bye.

-- claire.
good to hear/read that you guys arrrived safely and have already got started on your latest mission. i'm really proud of you, ma, and all that you and the rest of the team are doing.


-- kitti (anne's daughter).
Happy to see you are all safe and sound and doing tremendous work! Hope your trip continues to be such a success. Looking forward to seeing pics and hearing all about it in person, Barb! -Tara
Simply amazing stories...And you all look so fresh and relaxed, unbelieveable considering the amount of work you are accomplishing. Thank you for keeping us all aprised and being such tremendous ambassadors for Bpeace!

Susan McP
I like the photos of the experiences in Rwanda. There is hope after unimaginable tragey.

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